Alexandros Charalampos Nikolaidis

Educational Researcher | PhD Candidate in Educational Studies


I am an educational researcher from Greece and a PhD candidate in the Department of Educational Studies (Philosophy and History of Education) at The Ohio State University. I hold a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy, a master of arts degree in philosophy and education, and a graduate minor in public policy and management. I am a former Distinguished University Fellow at The Ohio State University, former Fulbright grantee, and former Global Arts + Humanities Society of Fellows graduate cross-disciplinary research grantee at The Ohio State University.


My research focuses on educational justice and its implications for educational policy. Specifically, I am interested in examining the relation of educational policy to systems of oppression and engaging in normative and critical analyses of particular policies, including school discipline and punishment and curriculum development and adoption. My scholarly areas of specialization are philosophy of education, ethics, epistemology, and educational policy. My methodological expertise is in conceptual analysis, normative theorizing, policy analysis, and qualitative methodologies. My scholarly articles appear in the Journal of Education Policy, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Harvard Educational Review, Educational Theory, Studies in Philosophy and Education, and Philosophy of Education.

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As an educational practitioner, I have taught at the secondary and higher education levels and provide professional development support in the field of education. I specialize in the teaching of philosophy and history, and am especially interested in the teaching of philosophical and historical dimensions of social justice and democratic education. I have taught high school Theory of Knowledge (IB) in the capacity of teaching assistant and undergraduate Philosophy of Education in the capacity of instructor of record. I also develop and deliver professional development sessions to graduate students in philosophy of education, history of education, and educational policy and develop diversity, equity, and inclusivity training modules for in-service teachers, district and school leaders, and school support staff.

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